War Effort

As soon as Madeleine had been released from making more films, she joined the Red Cross and dedicated herself to working anywhere she could in Europe to aid victims of war, and in any way she could.

During those years, she made an outstanding humanitarian contribution to the war effort. Having converted her chateau in France to an orphanage in 1940, she continued throughout the war as entertainment director of the U.S.O. (1942-43), and later hospital and Red Cross worker.

On February 4th 1946, France paid tribute to her morale boosting broadcasts, made during the liberation, and for developing Franco-American understanding, by awarding her The French Legion of Honour.

She also received the U.S. Medal of Freedom.

Madeleine was once again on the front page of newspapers, but for her war efforts this time. Here are some samples of the how her work was reported in the press.

Wednesday, May 9, 1945