Madeleine Carroll

1906 – 1987

Visit to Saudreville, outside Paris.

SaudrevilleIn 1938, Madeleine Carroll bought Chateau Saudreville which is located just south of Paris, and in 1940 she gave it over to some 250 orphans and maintained them there until the end of the war.

Saudreville Front ViewOn Sunday September 24th 2006, I visited the Chateau for the first time and toured the house and gardens. It was fascinating to sense the presence of all those orphans who lived there all those years ago, and under such war conditions.

News from West Bromwich

On Saturday September 23rd 2006, a new book on West Bromwich by Terry Price was launched in a packed Assembly Hall right across the road from where Madeleine Carroll was baptized. I was invited to speak about Madeleine and her connection with West Bromwich, and the feedback from many of those who attended the launch was spectacular, with stories of their connections with the Carroll family, and of Madeleine’s time in the local Grammar School.

Plaques have now been placed on both of the West Bromwich houses in which Madeleine lived from 1906 until 1923. The first is at 44, Herbert St, where she lived up to age 6, and the second at No 7, Jesson St, which she moved to in 1912.

A plaque has also been placed on the local Grammar School, which Madeleine attended from 1915 to 1923, and where her father was also a teacher.Newspapers carried articles about the launch, and also about the commemorative stone which is to be unveiled in November in the new West Bromwich Town Centre.

The unveiling of the obelisk is scheduled for November 2006.